domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Marco Antonio Araujo - Animal Racional

ANIMAL RACIONAL - 1985: coletânea dos dois primeiros discos

A very good complation of one of the most criative and unique prog songwriters of all time. Marco Antonio Araújo mixed prog rock with folk and strong classical influences plus some beatlesque colours here and there. His early demise in 1985 cut short a career that was only beginning to gain international recognition. Nevertheless the works he left are eternal. A different and beautiful instrumental music that sounds completely timeless. Always surrounded by the best musicians he could gather, Araujo took great pains to make sure his records were the best sounding LPs produced at the time A great feat at a time instrumental music was far from being popular.
Animal Racional is, together with his first CD Influências, a good starting point if you want a decent overview of his work without having to buy each of his four albums. The only weakness here is the absence of one of his greatest ever songs, Panoramica. I can´t believe this stunning tune was left over. Maybe the producer thought its inclusion would draw too much attention to his first album (his most popular and accessible).

Anyway, If you´re into great progressive instrumental music, with lots of classical influences, fantastic acoustic/eletric guitar interplay, Jethro Tull-like flutes and general tasteful and intricated arrangements, and never heard about Araújo´s works this album is for you. Highly recommended.

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