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Marco Antonio Araujo biography

MARCO ANTONIO ARAUJO was born in Belo Horizonte on 1949. On 1968 he played in a band called VOX POPULI, that later would become SOM IMAGINARIO. In 1970, and now living in England, he used to be a fan of bands such as: PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN and GENESIS, who would have great influence on his musical production. Within the next few years, MARCO ANTONIO ARAUJO studied guitar and cello in Rio de Janeiro.

In 1977, once again in Belo Horizonte, he joined the symphonic orchestra and soon (1980) his first album, "Influências" was released. With only six instrumental tracks, he had already achieved an amazing sense of balance and created a personal style.

MARCO ANTONIO ARAUJO is a classic when it comes to brazilian prog, and also a highly recomended artist for anyone who likes both symphonic rock and prog folk.

Sadly, Marco has passed away on Jan, 07, 1986, at the age of 36 of an aneurism.

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